Monday, April 23, 2012

Experiment with Anscoflex II

Anscoflex II

By default, this 1954 Anscoflex only accept 620 film. We can use modern 120 film, but first, we need to trim the film spoolers, so it can fit properly.

Modify the 120 film spool

For comparison, the modern 120 film has thicker side (left) than the 620 film (right empty spool) so we need to modify it by decreasing the thick edge side using a very fine sand paper till almost paper thin. Also use nail cutter to decrease the edge for about 1 mm or near the surface of film roll.

We prefer to keep the original 620 spool instead of using it with the risk losing it in developing lab. Fortunately we have a spare of plastic 120 spool so we can modify it & match it with 620 spool specs.

Now, let's take some pictures.

Photo results
Anscoflex II has fixed shutter speed: 1/60 and fixed aperture: ƒ11. Means we have to learn which of the scene/environment suits better the camera.
The swimming pool scene!
Most of the pictures we took were using the Close Up filter and we still couldn't get the best focal point. Take a look.

Movenpick Movenpick

Without Close Up filter.


With Close Up filter. We still need to learn to get the focus range. The tree at the background looks sharp while the main objects are blurry.

Without Close Up filter & our daughter was standing too close to the camera.

Stay tuned for our next experiment!

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