Friday, July 12, 2013

Lost Property Office

I never heard about this 'office' before - and has no interest on any kind of lost & found office - but when I walked in Baker St, London this morning, I was like "WHOA A PLACE FOR RETRO GADGETS!"

Look at the display! It's a retro gadget museum!

Motorola DynaTAC! Mamiya RB 67! Eumig 16mm camera!

An iron! Umm.. no.

Too bad, it's not for sale. And I'm wondering, what kind of retro gadgets they have inside their storage. They have been opened for 80 years (since 1933) collecting lost properties from taxis, tubes, trains. Of course they only keep stuffs for only 3 months. But for some interesting collector's items, they prefer to keep it, like these items in the display. Cannot imagine the treasures they have inside.

More about London Lost Property Office here:
- TfL
- TimeOut

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