Monday, July 23, 2012

Bakelite Gadgets

Purma Special camera  1954 Perfekta camera
Purma Special camera & Perfekta camera

Bakelite discovered in 1909 by Belgian born chemist Dr Leo Baekeland. Moved to US and created first man made liquid resin called bakelite. It doesn't have melting point. When temperature raised, it'll get burned. The other name of bakelite is polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride.

  1954 Sawyer View-Master Projector
Tru-Vue Deluxe & View-Master projector

Thomas Edison used bakelite for his gramaphone in 1910. Then first telephone receiver & Kodak camera were made with bakelite in 1915. In 1930s, the largest moulding production started for commercial products. The world saw bakelite as miracle materials from which to shape contours of a desired future.

  View-Master Light Attachment
View-Master model B & Luma View light attachment

Art Deco influenced many Bakelite products by design. Like those Purma Special camera & Tru-Vue stereographic viewer above. In 1950s, bakelite became less popular & obsolete. Modern thermoplastic was born after new injection moulding machine invented in early 1950s.

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Our bakelite gadgets above:
1938 Purma Special camera
1944 View-Master model B
1950 Luma-View light attachment for View-Master model C
1953 Perfekta I
1953 View-Master projector
1954 Tru-Vue Deluxe

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