Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Was In Our Bag?

Let's travel through time and see what was in my bag 90s & my family's bag back in 50s & 60s.

I was an avid Apple fanboy back in mid 90s. Heavy & bulky backpack with Apple gadgets inside. Hurted my back sometimes :D
What was in my bag in mid 90s?
Computer: PowerBook 170
PDA: Newton MessagePad 130
Camera: QuickTake 100

Mom's handbag with her make up gears & point & shot camera.


Camera: Kodak Instamatic 100.
Magazine: LIFE August 1964.
Glasses: Shuron Ronsir Wood Grain.

Dad's bag with 8mm movie camera. He's an amateur moviemaker, loves travelling with his transistor radio & film gears.


Camera: Kodak Brownie 8mm.
Radio: RCA Victor 1TP2.
Glasses: Shuron Ronsir Wood Grain.
Gears: Sylvania & Kodak.

Grandparents' camera bag in mid 50s.

What's in our grandfather's camera bag in mid 50s?

Camera: Argus C3 1955.
Accessories: Argus Flash, filters, lens hood & lens adapter, light meter.

(note: this is a simulation based on our parents actual story, the gadgets are not exactly the same model but same brand & year)

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