Monday, May 7, 2012

Sketching with Psion Series 5

Doodling with 1997 Psion Series 5 PDA. Not bad for an old device. #pinoditart #neoretrogizmos

Got this Psion Series 5 in flea market and we decided it to make a test: Sketching!

It's not bad at all! And the result is fantastic for a pre-2000 PDA. Much better than Newton MessagePad 130, not to mention how easy to retrieve the file from Psion to the modern desktop device like MacOS via CF card.
Try retrieve images from Newton to MacOS X, you will end up dealing with obselete serial cable, obselete software & obselete system (read: MacOS 8 or classic).

Some sketches with Sketch software.

And this is our 7 years old daughter's quick sketch :D

About Psion Series 5 here.


  1. Very nice. I really miss having a series 5.

  2. These look great!

    There is probably something satisfiying about a device that is so basic ans pure by today's standard and with very dew distractions (e.g. notifications and messages).

    Maybe the spirit of such devices like the Messagepad and Psion lives on in today's Remarkable "epaper tablet" withan e-ink screen.